Brief Sardine information.
1st Half of the Sardine weight is water.
2nd It’s low on Calories because has no sugar.
3rd It has the same amount of Proteins as a steak.
4th A fatty fish but the fat is mainly Linoleic Acid.
5th Very rich in calcium preventing osteoporosis.
6th Very in phosphorous, which is necessary for a good brain functioning.
7th Low on Iron preventing heart attacks.
8th It’s percentage of Salt is similar to our blood.
9th Very rich in potassium an element necessary to a healthy muscle contraction (including the heart muscle).
10th Very rich in vitamins.

We should consider the very important fact of the Linoleic acid and the omega 3 present in Sardines and their the effects to our health

1st They reduce the LDC - bad Cholesterol in our blood.
2nd Increase the HDC - good Cholesterol.
3rd They decrease the triglycerids levels.
4th They increase our workout capacity.
5th They prevent the build up plaque in the artery walls therefore helping to avoid strokes and cardiovascular disease.
6th They supress the division of cancer cells
7th They contain Vitamin PP which helps permeability of the blood vessels.



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